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Cloud Security & Zero Trust
Cybersecurity continues to be one of the top challenges of our digital age and cyber-attacks are a daily threat to businesses around the world. Creating a secure ecosystem requires the adoption of a holistic security approach that includes a Zero Trust mindset, cloud-first posture, and the investment in people and skills. This webinar is designed to help you navigate the transformational journey to Zero Trust and discover how Microsoft Security solutions can meet these threats and support your business needs.
Skilling, Programs & Incentives, + Solution Assessments
Discover the incentive programs open to you as a Microsoft partner and find out more about how you can use Microsoft Solution Assessments to manage and optimize the IT assets of your customers. Learn about the skilling and enablement resources Microsoft has to offer.
How to get started with ChatGPT & OpenAI on Azure
You’ve probably already stumbled across ChatGPT and you might have even seen that Azure OpenAI Service was announced as generally available on January 16, 2023. In this session, a Cloud Solution Architect will talk about ChatGPT, the Azure OpenAI service and will answer your questions so that your partners can leverage this outstanding opportunity.
Microsoft Commerce Updates - NCE, FX adjustments.
As Microsoft keeps evolving its commercial platform, join us for an update on the latest news. We will walk through some of the latest announcements for new features, but also share some of the roadmap ahead for both the CSP NCE order platform and the latest news on our FX strategy. The session will be run by Christian Moser who ran similar sessions for the last 1.5 years for Partners in Western Europe already. We will also ensure you have time to ask your questions during the session.
Power Platform Lift Off
Per popular demand, we are delighted to announce a re-run of our Power Platform Lift Off for our most valued partners. This event will be hosted by Ryan Cunningham (Worldwide Vice President for Power Apps) and Harald Wentein (Western Europe GTM Lead for Power Platform) who will share more on Power Platform Momentum, Big AI and How to transform/expand your Practice including related programs. More details: According to Forrester, Low Code can bring down the cost of App development by 74%. This is why every customer today is looking at using Low Code. Today, Low Code represents a $12.5 Billion addressable market and growing at a 21 percent annual growth rate, while the services market for Low Code is estimated to reach $162 billion based on 13:1 services to licensing margin ratio from 2022 TEI study. NOW, is the time to transform and expand your Low Code expertise and uncover new ways to create value for customers. During the Power Platform Lift Off Session, you will solidify your understanding of the Market Momentum, the Partner Opportunity and how to transform your Practice beyond just Building and Implementing an App into becoming a Strategic Advisor, offering services along the Customer Adoption Model. We will also cover the programs and tools available today that supports you in this approach.  The goal is to help you and your organization build your practice or transform an already existing one to help you to fully monetize on the Low Code investment. Prerequisites for attending partners:
  • Existing Microsoft Power Platform Partners
  • App Innovation Partners that want to bridge the Pro and Low Code world
  • Data and AI Partners that want to use the Microsoft Power Platform to create agility and speed to their Data Consumption
This will not be an introductory course on the value prop of Microsoft Power Platform or how the solutions work. Partners have knowledge and experience but are looking to expand and transform the scope of their deliverables. Who should attend this event? Partner Practice Leads, Business leaders and Sellers, ie Individuals who are strategically responsible for sales, delivery, and customer success.  
How to increase your security score
Microsoft Azure Defender for Cloud is the solution you need to proactively secure your Azure workloads. In this half-day course, you will learn how Defender for Cloud gets is data and how we can turn that data into information. We will proactively secure the Azure resources and implement Detection and Response so the Security Operation team will be on top of everything in your Azure environment. This training will enable you, our partners, to: 1. Improve the security posture from your customers in the environment and minimize the attack surface for Azure Fraud.​ 2. Sell our security portfolio to your customers.​ After this training, you will learn how to improve your customer's Azure security score, understand the regulatory changes, such as GDAP and how these affect you as a partner, and how reduce your risks.

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