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Over and over again it has been stressed that sellers in the IT industry need to be able to talk to Line of Business (LOB) and not just IT, CIO, CTO etc. But over the last couple of years, we haven’t seen that much of a change in the seller’s behavior. And now we are in the era of the cloud and it has become even more predominant that buyers of IT solutions and services are no longer just IT specialists but more and more LOB managers. If you do not know how to talk and/or position the business benefits of Microsoft Azure to LOB as a seller, you might be missing out on the biggest potential seen in a long time.

The modern Microsoft partner needs to meet the requirements of the new type of buyers when communicating with them – no matter what channel of communication is being used. This change requires a shift from the seller-aligned value model, which was all about communicating product-feature benefits to a buyer-aligned value model that supports a solution-oriented strategy because it enables high-level solution messages as well as explicit cause-capability messages. Explicitly aligning causes with capabilities is the most effective way to communicate and understand the problem as well as value and differentiation from the customer’s perspective.

The “Selling Microsoft Azure to the Business – Problem-Solution Mapping” workshop is a hands-on workshop that provides the participants with a framework and a method that will enable them to understand how Microsoft Azure can impact LOB in an organization and how to communicate the benefits in a differentiated language the business understands, and that at the same time provides a compelling reason to act. This 1-day workshop gives the participants a very different take on what it takes to sell Microsoft Azure.

Key takings that partners will walk away with are:

  • A unique framework and sales approach when selling a positioning Microsoft Azure to customers
  • A thorough insight into what kick-starts and drives a customer buying process and how this can be influenced and controlled from a sale perspective.
  • A method for how to sell Microsoft Azure not only to the IT people but more importantly to the LOB (Line of Business)
  • A method for how communicating a technical solution in a language LOB understands.


  • Michael Ærø

    Michael Ærø

    Partner at Implement Consulting Group


Audience Sales
Area of Interest Microsoft Azure
Language English
Solution Area Infrastructure